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Quality Grading Service

Look no further than MIG Pattern Cutting Services Ltd to add a personal touch to your patterns.

Choose us for a first class grading service from experts based in North London

Advanced Technology


We grade “by hand” through various  CAD programs always aiming to preserve the aesthetics of your style whilst complying with the anthropometrics of the human body..

Our graders treat each style on its own merits manipulating pattern pieces according to the style lines of the garment whilst taking into account, when appropriate,  the changes in body fat distribution, size, gender, and age of the ultimate wearer.


The Process


Simply send us your pattern on paper, card or in a readable digital format (we have 11 unique industry specific CAD systems) to start the process.

We digitize either 'by hand' or through a scanner,depending upon piece size etc.and always cut a copy to check integrity of our input against the master pattern.


Dress Form - Grading Service

Contact MIG Pattern Cutting Services Ltd for a first-rate grading service to ensure your clothing line stands out from the crowd.